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About Us...

Paxcom Marine Computers was founded in 2001 by marine computer specialist Paris Settle in the marine industry nexus, Seattle. The goal was to provide a computer system that could endure the environmental demands of the commercial marine industry. First and foremost, the system needed to be better than a standard desktop PC, which is designed to set on a desk in an office, not on the bridge of a sea-going vessel.

Almost as important as reliability was physical size. Due to the limited space found on any vessel, a typical desktop computer just doesn't fit.

Another critical factor that had to be addressed was system heat, one of the main reasons for system failure.After careful evaluation, for our primary computer, we chose a barebone system that offered compactness and duribility plus a patented liquid cooled processor - know as the Integrated Cooling Engine. All other parts necessary to build the total hardware platform were also selected for their longivity and compatibility. In addition, this system will run the most sophisticated marine software without a hitch.

After extensive testing, Paxcom began offering its computer systems to the commercial marine industry in 2001.

In 2005, Paxcom Mrine Computers incorporated with the mission of continuing to build a superior grade computer platform for the marine industry. By continuously upgrading and improving our components as the technology progresses, we have continued to build one of the most advanced computers available for marine use. As of 2016, Paxcom has placed over 1500 units in service - evidence of the computer's design strengths and system reliability.

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